San Germano

San Germano

Piemonte Pinot Nero

Denominazione d'origine controllata


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San Germano 2012
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Derived from 100% Pinot Nero grapes, a variety which was introduced into the Alfieri by Cavour vineyards in 1800 from the recommendation of the French oenologist Oudart.

In the vineyard

Cluster thinning in the second half of July at the onset of ripening. Yield per vine 1kg (2.2lbs). Hand harvesting and selection of the grapes in crates occurs towards the end of August.

In the cellar

Selection of the grapes on the sorting table followed by gentle destemming and crushing.
Fermentation and traditional maceration for 10-12 days at a controlled temperature (max 28°C - 82°F) in low, wide tanks for  improved contact between the skins and the must. Daily delestage (rack and return) in the first week of fermentation is followed by light wetting of the cap Eventually it is drawn off into French oak.


Aged in 500 litre (132 gallons) French oak barriques for about one year, followed by an additional 3-6 months in the bottle before release.


4000 – 5000 bottles produced only in years with a seasonal pattern favourable to the grape variety.



Sensory properties

Ruby red colour with good consistency and depth.
Typical aroma is complex and with scents of violet and blueberry. Full-flavoured, structured with evident soft tannins and good persistence.
Matures and increases in complexity for over 7-8 years from harvest.

Food pairing

Substantial first courses, rich meats, wild game, and mature but not overly strong cheeses and blue cheeses.

Serving temperature

18°C (64°F)