the family

The Alfieri family, lords of San Martino, are a part of the history of Piedmont and Italy.  They include the architect Benedetto, the poet Vittorio, and the President of the Senate, Cesare Alfieri who took part in drawing up the Statuto Albertino in 1848.   Giuseppina Cavour, niece of the great statesman, Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, married Marquis Carlo Alfieri, and it was Cavour who improved wine-growing in Piedmont and brought the Pinot Noir grape to San Martino.  In 1982 Marquis Casimiro San Martino di San Germano, Alfieri’s cousin, received the property. Today, his three daughters, Emanuela, Antonella and Giovanna run the Marchesi Alfieri estate.